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When an individual passes away the rights and obligations to administer their estate falls to the Executors named in their Will.

When an individual becomes unable to make decisions then, someone needs to be empowered to make those decisions on their behalf.

A fully interactive online Wills Service that lets our Clients prepare their own Will.

For many, many years an individual has had the right to appoint an Attorney, giving someone else the right to exercise powers and sign documents on his or her behalf.

As we live longer, more and more people are finding that they reach a stage in their lives where they no longer wish, or are no longer able, to live entirely independently.

The law that dictates what will happen to your estate if you should die without having first made a Will and this is still governed by an Act of Parliament.

Operating from our easily accessible office in Rose Green, Bognor Regis Rita Sen Solicitors provide a range of legal services to individuals of all ages, from all walks of life and with respect for equality and diversity.

All of the staff here understand that Clients often feel anxious when they become involved in legal matters and there is nothing more likely to increase that anxiety than not understanding the processes involved, or being unaware of what is happening. Accordingly we take the time to understand your matter, what you want to achieve by instructing us and in setting out the options that you have, with you in the driving seat.  We can help you make your decisions, but they will be your decisions and, as we progress toward achieving your objective, we will keep you informed every step of the way. What’s more there will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of your case.  At the outset we will provide as much information as possible about the likely cost of any action that we take and will keep a watchful eye on those costs to make sure that they do not spiral out of control.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

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